Edwige Dennison is the Owner and CEO of "Eljireh beauty Supplies Company". She is a woman who has a lot of testimonies from God. The first of them is that God healed her from many diseases and save her from premature death. Except that, she is a Minister, an Author, a Married woman, and a mother to be and a mother of orphans.
After suffering from hormones disorder diseases, she has decided to create and sell online 100% natural products that help to fight hormones disorder for women and men.
Apart from that, her Company sells also some other products like clothes, handbags, jewels, shoes and hair to help a woman feels more glamour and confident about herself.
So, if you are suffering from a hormone disease like irregular or painful period, excess weight, acne, skin disorder diseases, please don't hesitate to get you one of our products that will support your health, and it will help you feel more glamour and confident.
Stay Glamourous